L.L. Cool J - Best Dress

Hey [4X]

[Chorus: Jamie Foxx]
We gon' get it poppin now girl
Get your best dress on tonight
Once we start it ain't no stoppin girl
Get your best dress on tonight
This is for the girls
With all those ghetto curves
But we gon' get to poppin now girl
Get your best dress on tonight

[LL Cool J]
54-11's poppin wheelies front of Willyburgers
Candy apple M3's, slidin out gently
Rollin up in Bentleys, Tyson was the champ then
Right after the Rooftop, years before the Hamptons
You was a ghetto queen and a diamond in the rough
You was so beautiful and the world was so rough
Your man was locked up cause the cops popped up
You dropped out of school on top of that you knocked up
He was yo' crush, you was his crutch
He'll be gone a dime and it's hard to stay in touch
Your moms say you stupid but you love him so much
Now it's, broken dreams and broken Beemers in the dust
Standin up on a crowded bus, for college courses
Stay on course when it gets rough, you never lost it
Stay strong baby trust, you'll be back flossin
Diamond studs and linen crush keep your head up


[LL Cool J]
Her boyfriend's comin through with them hickeys on his neck
He claims he's lovin her but never shows her no respect
All she knows is neglect, a lifetime of stress
Big momma, huh momma, now lil' momma is next
You can see the effects of gettin treated incorrect
Cause she let the cycle continue, make excuses for his steps
Her girlfriends tried to warn her, all he wanted wass the sex
Once he get it, then he gone, then it's on to somethin fresh
Somethin new, nuttin borrowed, nuttin blue, no weddin dress
But that's aight, you still young, you got your lifetime left
You gotta leave all that alone, find yourself
There's no love until you love you remind yourself


[LL Cool J]
To all my ghetto girls all around the world
You know the ones with the weaves and the Shirley Temple curls
Keep fightin, uhh
Baby girl keep fightin
To all my ghetto queens survivin by all means
There's a rock and a hard place you somewhere in between
Keep fightin, uhh
Baby girl keep fightin, yeah
To all my single mommas you been strugglin with drama
Doin what'chu gotta but still keepin your honor
Keep fightin, uhh
Baby girl keep fightin, yeah yeah, sing it


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