Keith Green - Altar Call

You know I can`t explain to you
Really how He does it
but He proved Himself to me in such a Holy way
Such a complete way
that I`d die for that faith and I`d die for that believe
Because it is more than a believe
He lives in my heart
And that`s the only proof
The only proof that I can give you
Cause He lives in my heart

Most people that knew me before
Didn`t know that I could believe something so strong

The Gospel is simpy this:
Jesus will forive all your sins
If you come to Him humbly
Lay down at his feet and say:
`You`re the Lord
And I`ll follow you the rest of my life on earth
So that I can have the rest of eternity with You
And the Glory of Your Father`

Most people don`t find out
`Till it`s too late
That someone has to pay the price

You can pay it your self (Hah!)
Or let someone else
But who would be that nice

To pay a debt that isn`t his
Well I know someone like that
And He`s your best friend
He really is
He really loves you

Most people don`t find out
`Till they have death
That they need another life

You say you`ve heard everything
That`s ever been said
About the way the truth, the life
You say you`ve heard lots of preaching
All before
So many times

But did you ever open up your door
Give Him a chance
To prove Himself
That He`s real or not

I hope you find out
Before it`s too late
That there`s really nobody else

You know its breaking his heart
The longer you wait
Cause You`ve only been lying to yourself

No one believes a thing you say
Not even you

You know
You`re gonna find out that He`s the way
No matter which way you choose
But I pray you
Find out by His love for you

Some people won`t find out
`Till it`s too late

Some people won`t find out
`Till it`s too late

Would You all bow your heads with me, please?

The Italic lines are from the live-version on `The Ministry Years Volume 1`

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