Damien Rice - Unplayed Piano (Ft.Lisa Hannigan)

come and see me
sing me to sleep
come and free me
hold me if i need to weep
maybe it's not the season
maybe it's not the year
maybe there's no good reason
why i'm locked up inside
just cause they wanna hide me
the moon goes bright
the darker they make my night

* unplayed pianos
are often by a window
in a room where nobody loved goes
she sits alone with her silent song
somebody bring her home

unplayed piano
still holds a tune
lock on the lid
in a stale, stale room
maybe it's not that easy
or maybe it's not that hard
maybe they could release me
let the people decide
i've got nothing to hide
i've done nothing wrong
so why have i been here so long?

unplayed piano
still holds a tune
years pass by
in the changing of the moon

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