Orange Blue - Is Thıs The Point

Orange Blue - Is Thıs The Point

Albüm Adı : Panta Rhei

Can you help me make it into the morning
Couldn`t sleep within the structures I was born in
You see, life is a bitch to those who try to find a way
When you`ve got nothing to lose
You keeep asking yourself

Is this the point
Where things will get easy
Is this the point
Then show it to me
Is this the point
Where we start to see things
Is this the point
Then let me be

We can`t help but being human in this small world
In this circle of believing to survive
We can barely show emotion though our souls burn
But in the end it`s love that keeps us all alive

Is this the point...

Where is the moment
When hope was still too young to fade away
Where am I heading
When the veil of doubt is gone
You will surely find out
Life is beutiful

Is this the point

So take my hand or slow me down
You can steal my words before they leave my mounth
And you could take my time and all my money too
But I will never surrender my soul to you

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