Orange Blue - Guilty

Orange Blue - Guilty

Albüm Adı : in love with a dream

Sometimes I wonder where I stand in my life
Always remembering what I've been through
It's good to have someone to take in the arms and cry
When I was feelin' bad
I've always wished I had friends like you
I've never been in the mood to give up
'Cause there was always something to be done
I seemed to be born to be sad in my life
I was taught to respect, will I be able to love my wife?

I'm guilty, I'm guilty
I'm guilty for my life
Said I'm guilty
I'm so guilty
Like I've been guilty every time

And life is too short
To try to understand
I better look for someone
Who wants to try to hold my hand
Tried out all drugs
And be high from nine to five
But I can't escape
I said, I can't escape from my life

That's why I'm guilty, why I'm so guilty
I'm guilty of being shy
Said I'm guilty, I'm so guilty
I'm bad 'cause I don't try

No, I've never contradicted
And the only one I hate is me
But I believe one day I'll be free
But I'm guilty, I've been so lonely
but still I try, well, I'm trying to make the best of my life
I feel so guilty
I've been so lonely

I'm guilty for my life

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