Led Zeppelin - Sitting Here Thinking

You said you want to love my baby
But now you changed your mind
You said youre gonna be true babe
Until the end of time
Then you started messin round with me baby
Tryin to do lovin daddy no good
Since youve been bad with my lovin baby
I dont think Im gonna move into your neighbourhood.

Eh, I dont need no grocery boy
Im gonna fetch them evry day
I dont want no grocery boy
You gotta keep that boy, keep that boy away.

Ive been sittin here thinkin
About that baby, baby, on my mind.
Well, Ive been lovin you baby
But, oh baby, always treat me unkind.

Ill buy you fur coat for christmas
And a diamond ring
No matter how you treat me baby
I can hear my lonely heart sing
Yeah. I been sittin here thinkin baby
Ive been missin her, thinkin about
That baby on my mind.
Ive gotta leave you baby
Babe, woman you been, uah-ha-ha, aha-ha-ha,
Shes been sittin here thinkin
About that baby, on my mind.

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