Kurt Nilsen - For You

How many times have I seen
You never get to keep the ones that you love
And if so, why bother
If you can pick and choose from the top of the shelf
It wouldn't work cause you'd be aiming too high
You wanna find someone alike for you, yeah
For you

I see you come here with the broken smile
What are you trying to do to yourself
Forget it and move on
You always want what's hard to get
When you get it, you want something else
Whatever that may be for you, yeah
For you
For you

All this time
Where did it go
I can't believe it's true
But you know I'm here for you, yeah
I'm here for you

So when you walk out there, let me in my thing
Best of luck, may you find your own way
Whatever that may be for you
For you

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