Kosheen - Hungry

Kosheen - Hungry

Albüm Adı : Resist

You’re like a child with old eyes,
Cynical and sensible, always full of surprises
You travel far and wide
Looking for the feeling, just inside you

They don’t understand you, no
Until it’s too late
Whith everything they’ve handed you
on a silver plate

Are you hungry for a little more
Than what you’ve had before?
Are you hungry for a taste of life?
What your appetite, are you hungry?

Now give me this mountainside
Cool waters to lie beside
Give me these two strong eyes
To see the difference between truth and lies
Ah, gibe me this feeling whe you kiss me baby
Every day and every night
That’s all I need, yes
Everything is gonna be all right


You’re like a sight for sore eyes, lyrical and gentle
Borderlining sentimental
You’re like a dream realised
So why do I keep falling back to sleep,
I’m so serious and deep.

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