King Diamond - Bye Bye Missy

Tea time Monday night, I was waiting
passing time
Then from the hallway, I saw Mother
in her nightgown
Swaying up the stairs, up the stairs, it
seemed so unreal
I knew Grandma had sent quot;THEMquot;
again, the invisible friends

A little later in the middle of tea we
came close to ecstasy
quot;THEYquot; were telling tales from
beyond when Grandma rose

She opened the door, and there was
Seeing Mother in Grandmothers
chair, she went into tears

Missy was screaming
quot;What have You done, what have you
done to My Maquot;, crying louder now
quot;We better get rid of her, Shes too
young anywayquot;, it was Grandma who

quot;Bye, bye Missy, be gone forever
The beautiful fireplace in the kitchen
will doquot;

~ @

I saw Missy struggling in Grandma
wrinkled hands
quot;Oh No, let me be, Oh No Please No
Grandma Please
Aagh Grandma Youre hurting me.
Dont touch me or Ill break it, Ive got
the tea pot, Ill do it anywayquot;
I saw liquid spreading, the bloody tea
all over the floor
Now I heard quot;THEIRquot; voices, some
kind of demon growls

@ ~

quot;THEYquot; dropped quot;THEIRquot; tea cups,
Grandma stood still
forced by invisible hands, Missy went
down the stairs
As I waved her goodbye, Missy was
sobbing away

Will I ever see her again, Bye bye
Missy, dont be afraid

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