Keith Green - Thank You Jesus

Thank You Jesus, for what you`re doing for me,

Thank you Jesus, I want the whole world to see,

That you`re not just a picture on the wall in my room,

That you`re faster than lightning, and you`re coming back soon.
Thank you Jesus, for all the good things you do,

Thank you Jesus, I wish they all could know you,

That you`re not just a book collecting dust on the shelf,

And if they don`t want to read it, you`re gonna be back to tell them yourself.
I don`t understand, why my fellow man, had to turn away,

From all the good things that you say,

They`re still trying to find a better way, but you know they won`t,

Unless they invent one, then we`ll have to patent it.
Thank you Jesus, for all the good things you`ve done,

Thank you Jesus, I really want to tell you Lord,

I`m having so much fun, loving You.
Thank you Jesus, for this here smile on my face,

I really want to shout it to the whole Human Race,

That you`re not just this building on the corner where we meet,

They can know You in person, You`re a pleasure to meet.
Thank you Jesus, Oh thank you Jesus,

Thank you Jesus, I only want to thank you Jesus,

I don`t care what they say,

They`re gonna call you a clich¨¦,

I`m gonna love you anyway!

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