Keith Green - Love With Me (melody`s Song)

You want to love with me, love with me then,

I only ask that you still be my friend,

For there are many where friendship`s unknown,

They live together, but really alone.

And the days go their ways in silence,

Tense hours of woe,

We do not mean to have it so.
I know that sometimes I`m harder to love,

I thrash out blindly, like nothing`s thought of,

So won`t you help me to help you be sure,

God only knows that I want to be pure.

But the world keeps it promise daily, to let me down,

But it can`t hide what I have found.
So I will love you, and love you I do,

It`s not complete yet, but you know we`re not through

And the days go their ways in blessings,

Moments of truth,

We truly dare not waste our youth

You wanna love with me, love with me then.

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