Destiny’s Child - If


If I don't pick up the phone
Like I used to (for you)
Don't you take it personal

If I don't do all the things that
I used to do (to you)
I ain't mad at you

If you get to feelin' stressed
Up in your chest
Thinkin' that you about to lose
(Baby, it's true)
And if you losing out on sleep
Home worrying about me
(That's how it be)

If you don't know
Now you know
You're gonna miss my love (my love)
And I ain't stressing 'bout a doggone thing
Cause I was true when I gave you (my love)
My love

If you search you will never find
Another love like (my love)
You're going to miss me
I ain't got time, while you sit around
And play with my love (my love)

If you think I caught a feeling
When I heard about that other chick (no)
I already knew about it

I just needed time just to clear my mind
And ask myself
(Why I didn't handle)

If you would have taken care of home
Instead of leaving me alone
I'd still be right there with you
Taking care of you
Steady loving you
Like I used to do


There was once a time I blamed myself
For what was wrong
I can see so clearly now
Because you are gone
That's how I spent all my time
When you weren't home
Playin' around with them raggedy heffas (yeah)
No more stressing
No more crying
No more trying
I would rather be alone
I'd rather be all by myself
Cause this valuable heart of mine
Was yours until I realized
Finally, I opened my eyes


[Kelly spoken]
You see, ladies
I know I knew better
What was I thinking
He going to miss me when I'm gone


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