Depeche Mode - It Doesn’t Matter

I am happy

That I have you

Even though you're not here now

I know somewhere

You are dreaming

Though it's definitely not of me

It doesn't matterIf this all shatters

Nothing lasts forever

But I'm praying

That we're staying


I am warmed

By your friendship

Even when you're far away

And I'm happy

In the knowledge

We may never see the day

When I kiss you

And you kiss me

Don't pretend you miss me

The worst kind

Of diseased mind

Is one filled with jealousy

If we should meet again

Don't try to solve the puzzle

Just lay down next to me

And please don't move a muscle

I will thank you

Most of all for

The respect you have for me

I'm embarrassed

It overwhelms me

Because I don't deserve any

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