Darren Hayes - Good Enough

If I woke up late couldn't get out of bed
If I bought you a cafe latte instead
If I lied when I said 32 inches was t
he size of my waist
And can I admit everyone once in a while
Even though I dig alternative style,
Occasionally, I can be caught
dancing to Britney
Can I confess that arthouse doesn't turn me on
But I like every single thing that Spielberg's done

Could I be good enough?
Could I be good enough?
If the going got worse and the worse got rough,
The days became endless
and harder than tough
I'd be good enough.
Better than best,
would be simply to be good enough.
If everything I give doesn't seem like a lot
If it's all that I got
baby, tell me that could be good enough

Where I grew up the rent was cheap
But we always had enough to eat.
Didn't have fancy clothes.
I never really cared cause there were shoes on my toes.
And motherly love,
I knew it like the back of my hand.
She always had a way
to make me understand

Could I be good enough?...

Cause I don't know which
way this road is gonna turn
But I know it's gonna be fine
But there are some days,
no matter how much you learn
That the road gets tough and
I don't feel good enough
And if you give me some of that loving
Could you pass some over
Let me cry on your soul
And tell me baby
I could be good enough for you

If I lost my job and my hair fell out
If I made no sense and I scream and shout
Would you laugh at me, never take a word I say seriously
When I'm out in the cold waiting in
the back of a line
Too afraid to drop my name
for fear of decline

Could I be good enough?..

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