Darren Hayes - Dirty

You�re looking like first class
Acting like a cheap date
Honey driven smile so stylin'
You know what you do
Don�t you, baby
Eyes that penetrate
Heat that denigrates
Lets communicate
I can hardly wait to get to you
And show you baby

If you want to
I can be dirty too
I can spin you around
Pick you up and go down
If you want to
I can be just like you
And do the dirty things you do

You walk into a room
Imperceptible boom
Tight Shot close zoom
When you move, it�s assumed you feel it too
Don�t you, baby
Ticking like a fuse
It�s an itch you gotta scratch
10 minutes in a room
Getting this monkey off my back
Any dark space would do
To show you baby

If you want to....

Why don�t you tell me your sign?
I hear we�re two of a kind
Scorpio, I�ve been told
You�re my most compatible ride
Oh, let me tell you again
You make me wanna pop, pop, pop, pop, pop
Ejecting to the moon inside my brain
I never wanna stop, stop, stop, stop, stop
Oh, could you do that again?
You make me wanna bam, bam, bam, bam, bam
Shut the blinds
Baby, let the door slam
Intergalactic,Super bombastic
Double the top
Baby, don�t ever stop �till I tell you to
Oh, could you do that again?

If you want to...

Scorpio I�ve been told
You�re most compatible ride
If you want to
We fade to black
Commercial break
This is where the censor kicks in
If you want to
I think you better close your eyes
Block your ears
This could be the gem of the year
Oh, could you do that again

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