Dark Tranquillity - Shadow Duet

Albüm Adı : Skydancer

Voice of the Shadow of Beauty - Friden
Voice of the Shadow of Darkness - Sundin
Shadows play - in my wilderness'
mindscape they seek;
One spiteful and wicked,
one humble and meek
A windswept pale landscape
of edified thought
Two frictional forces
a triad have brought
Woven within me, the aerial mist sink falling,
slowly traversing the atmosphere calling
A soft breeze whispers slowly
in the valley in my mind
And its breath, both foul and holy
is like the deer to a dying hind;
Wordless - yet in soul so true
Nameless - yet it lives in you
Shapeless - like the purity of pain
Lawful - when all fear is slain
One shadow of beauty, caressing the flowers
The paleness of winter reflects in her eyes
Deity of stardom, Enticer of stardoom
maternal - eternal, blinded by visions
Serenity fades with the darkening of skies
of sunlight nocturnal
One shadow of Darkness, a shade of deep hate
A wanderer's spectre with fury ablaze
In sheets of sharp silver laid youthful to die
reborn into vengeance, dark flames dance in grace

Dark flames dance in grace
the grace of Storms

One shadow of beauty,
One shadow of darkness,
Sailing free on the seas within my mind

Surging dark oceans - perpetual waters
Creator of life and reclaimer of souls

Mother Ocean!

Watching the deep fjords uneasily moving
Whipping the white waves towards the cold air
Rising like swans in a sacred, sudden motion
A cascade of lost feathers adrift on the sea

A serenade in the tongue of the wind...

The sight of Centuries, so sonorous in the bower,
hovering further athwart a leafy cower
A shelter for those whose time's wind make them wither
And therefore they chose to guide this time-wind hither

Alas, in tune with the tide of time
I was,
but I'm not,
nor I'll be with its pride

Yes, aeons have flown
but more is to come
For I know time;
a friend I greet with open arms
- a brotherhood of deadly harm
...and joy

But time is not eternal, their life-stars not immortal
Setting souls can never pass through the pearly portal
No bliss be given...nor joy

Flowing down the gates of Hell


I cry for you...

Don't spill your tears for me
but for your kit and kin;

My scions of light?

Depraved of the lust and the treasure of pleasure
which is fuel of life and glory

Silent your dark desires within entirety's light


Hear me,
You who hold the fate of stars in hand,
before Creation's eye I stand,
my soul set free in Summerland!

Mighty the strands of the universe
A chaosvoid's tomb of dead worlds
Hark! What?
Divinity flows in your heart,
cat it alight - the seed of all art

Slowly reborn from a sunless state of mind
Silent, your fool!
Thine words are untrue
- remember Endymion's crestfallen tears
Serene art the gods, yet pain is their way
He touched by the heavens, his hellfire nears

Free now your heavenly body of air!

Come bathe in the rays of the all-seeing one,
holding the fate of all life in both hands;
Breathing new life-force like goldmade from sand

My winged steed of moonlight,
black stallion of Thunder
We rode above the greenish Earth
and tore the green asunder
But what you left bleeding
Destroyed a soulforsaken world
And your deeds of sharp silver
Decoyed a mindforsaken herd

A duet of shadows, a duet of thoughts;
Of beings we feed with the dust of our thoughts
Residing within us, the twofold wheel of life
Of insight created: a triad of Jewels

(A thin leaf of the life-tree's truth)

Dark Tran

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