Dark Tranquillity - Dry Run

Dark Tranquillity - Dry Run

Albüm Adı : Character

It comes from all we're giving
in seemingly endless supply
as signals cross defiantly into this volatile mix
we charge and the stubborn mind repeats the errors
to challenge our grounds
either soar above or the detour takes you right back down
to where no one wants to see
misgivings in this starry nightlights fill in the blanks that one will fall
to the haunts and horrors

There is nothing left
A mere shadow
When adrenaline runs dry
There is nothing there
Empty prop
When adrenaline runs dry

It gets you deep down low
as they told you of the blazing heights
the stage from which the world is viewed
is the mirror to shatter the image the crypt he kept for hiding
retreat from another attack
pointlessly forgiving a refuge in deceptive black

It works within the system and they won't understand
A lesser known deciever will fool you even more

Taunt the wasted
it's all about nothing
what to squeeze within the span of attention
brought to ground, let the chaos pass
that one will fail by the screams and terrors

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