Ciara - So Hard

"So Hard"


He made it so hard
To trust someone
He made it so hard
To fall in love

Not tryna mess up this relationship (thinking)
Cause the last man did me that way
You gon' do the same things I
Don't wanna be this way
But I'm hoping you can change
The way that I feel
You see (ooooo)
I trusted him with everything
Never held back anything
Thought we'd be together for the rest of our lives
So suddenly he took his love away
And made it hard to trust again

I know I been holding back
But he really hurt me bad
I don't wanna take my past
And put it all on u
I'm not tryna hold you back
Really hope you understand
I don't know what I'm gonna do

When I think of what he did to me
It makes it hard to fall in love
When I think about just what I need
It makes it hard to trust someone
Baby I gotta let go
Don't wanna miss out on love this time
Gotta leave those things behind

Whatever's yours, you call it ours
Send flowers with love you keep me showered
And so did my ex-man at first
You see what started out so simple
All flew out the window
There I go comparing you to him again
It keeps holding me down (I gotta let it go)
I wanna give love a chance (cause you may never know)
Baby you could be the one for me
Yes the only one for me
And I don't wanna lose a good thing no



One disappointment, one heartbreak
Too many mistakes in love I've made
I cant come with all this baggage
Thinking he's gon' have it
See I know I'm being selfish
But I gotta let it go
Close that chapter close that book
Faith and love is all it ever took
That's why I never gave up
And I never gave in
Cause I know true love is waiting for me again



He made it so hard to trust someone
He made it so hard to fall in love

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