Christina Milian - Ur Last Call

Christina Milian - Ur Last Call

Hey what�s up, you�ve reached Christina�s answering machine. Please leave me a message after the tone.
Thank you, bye.

Verse 1
When I met you I never through this would be something I�d have to do
Cause from the beginning we knew you fell for me and I fell for you
We�ve broken up and then gotten back and then things fell through
The situation is changing and I�m facing nothing but the truth

We came so far but it�s the same. It will never change
So now it�s time to let this go
Don�t try to call my home, no message at the tone
Don�t want to hear your voice, that�s why you�re the reason

I won�t pick up my telephone cause it happens every time
That I get you in my life, you let me down
So this has to be your last call you won�t hear from me
Don�t want you at all, so this is your last call

So now you know that I am not including you in chapter 2
And it hurts me so but now I know it�s what I have to do
So you can stop callin� me and tellin� me there�s still us or we
No thinking like that and now I won�t come back cause now is bout me

This time no more sorrys
I don�t want you in my life
That�s why I have to let you go

Your last call
Don�t try now I move on with my life
We�re not meant to be now you see and know why I�.

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