Christina Aguilera - Underappreciated

Christina Aguilera - Underappreciated

Albüm Adı : Stripped

I remember when it all first began
We were tight right from the start
It wasn't long before you came on strong
Trying hard to win my heart (trying to win it)

I played hard to get but I couldn't help
Gave up my ironing
You were thoughtful
Careful not to hurt the relationship

What happened to those days
When you used to be compassionate
Caring what I thought and said
So attentive gentleman
Now it's hard to turn your head away from the TV set
Taking me for granted lately
And frankly, it's gotta quit

I feel underappreciated
Now girls help me out
If you know what I'm talking about
I said
I'm feeling underappreciated
For all the time and effort
I have put in this commitment

Back to the beginning, to the very beginning
When our love was something new
Back when romance was important
Not just another thing to do
I was feeling high on loving life
Thought I’d never come back down
Now it seems that you and me
Have lost our solid ground

Half the time I realize
I seem to give more than I get (give more than I get)
Funny how things seem to change
After a few years commitment (commitment)

Used to talk for hours on end
About our dreams while we lay in bed
How I missed those days when you stayed awake
Now you roll over and snore instead


I miss those nice massages
The long phone calls
And the way you talk
How it turned me on
Miss the bubble baths
Had the sweetest laughs

I’m needing those days back


I feel (I feel underappreciated)
Oh yeah,
If you feel me sing it with me
Come on help out

(I’m feeling underappreciated)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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