Christina Aguilera - Impossible

it´s impossible
it´s impossoble to love you
if you don´t let me know what your feeling yeah
itßs impoosible, for me to giveyou what you need
if you´re always hiding from me
i don´t know what hurt you,i just
wanna make it right,´caquse boy i´m sick and tired
of trying to read your mind

´cause it´s impossible
oh baby it´s impossible for me to love you, this way
it´s impossible
oh baby it´s impossible
if you makin´it this way

impossible to make it easy
if you always tryin´to make it so damn hard

How can i,how can i give you all my love baby
if you´re always, always puttin up your´gard
this si not a circus, so don´t you play me for a clown
how long can emotions keep on going up and down
[Nakarat] x2

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