Chakal - Holobyte

You were born to be programmed
System wants you just
On the procedures they adjust
Reprogram yourself

If not U: = "Excellent"
Then UR: = "Pattern"
Else begin
UR: = "Under control";
U: = "...Just a prowl"

Why don't you leave the rails?
Have you ever thought on that?
Why don't you get out of this shell?
Have you ever fought for that?

If not UR: = "Pattern"
Then do not stay where you are
If you do not want to load
Those ridiculous speeches... again
AGAIN... End;

Are you real?
Maybe UR: = "...Just a hologram"
Input: Variable changing;
Gosub another else place

Main program says: "Love Justice";
All this false Madam does is betraying
Betrayal with the men on boots 'n' uniforms
Program error: New lover: ANARCHY!

Loop, Edit new file: Name: HOLOBYTE
If you've saved your old program,
Purge it and do not, do not restore it

Are you real? Maybe you're Boolean
Are you real? Maybe you're just a Holobyte

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