Chakal - Acme Dead End Road

Roadrunner, run for the last time on my roads
I've killed your ass-kissing drawer (artist)
And ripped off your writer's hands
I will never fall in the chasms again, ever!

Now Uncle Chakal is writing our stories
You'll need your thin legs to survive
Acme catalog is my menu, you're my snack
Predator's day due to a foolish booby-trap

Acme dead-end road

I wanna see a scared face
Shut this moronic smile... Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Although all these engineering projects didn't work
Mail delivery raises my hope
My material is set, good old tricky trap
It's the happiest day of my life

I won't need to work with dynamite
I will rip you only with my teeth
Make a big feather pillow
And kill my ancient starve

You've seen what happens to bad
Bad writers and drawers of 'toons
If they don't ease on our friends
Me and my uncle Chakal will rip 'em too

Acme dead-end road... Roadrunner killed on road

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