Boyz II Men - Please Don’t Go

Hey baby I'm sorry
I never meant to hurt you
Please don't go

Slowly my eyes began to see
That I need you near right with me at all times, yeah
My feelings are so deep for you
That I won't let go, oooh no, of you

I can't let this love (Slip away)
And I can't turn it around (you will see)
And only then.....

Please don't go away from me
(I'll be there for you)
When you call my name (call my name)
I'll reach out my hand to you
(And I'll welcome you)
To my heart (my future my heart)
Please don't go away from me
We can work it out
Whatever it may be girl
Please don't go(no,no,no,no,no,please don't go)

You know, It's not often that we see each other,
That's why I cherish every moment that we spent each other.

When you're away, Temptation may come
Above of when I get caught up (by you) (3x), I let go
Thinking about you each day
I feel (I love you and I'll never let go) Your love makes my head spin
round and round in a daze, yeah oh baby



Please don't go away
I'll be there, I'll be right there (7x)

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