Blur - Vlla Rosie

practice doesn`t make prefect
when you`re interbreeding
speaking drivel can it get confused
with heavy breathing?
mixing drinks at water holes
get snarled up in the suburbs
meandering through this and that
you are suspected of vagueness

when work is done,
go to villia rosie every night
(we`re waiting)

so form a-queue at villa rosie every day
you come across the fine line
but wearing boots can prevent the leeches
in long grass

eating between meals
stifles the appetite is it healthy?
coming home that nagging doubt there
in your belly
and all the while at villa rosie
every night (we`re tasting)
a sweeter life at villa rosie
every night (so tasty)

don`t break your back at villa rosie
every night
(we`re tasting)

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