Alleged - A Scientific Method For A Stab In The Dark

Put on the face that shows I'm conscious, underneath
Darkness falls across me
Casting shadows around myself
Looking to tomorrow proves a burden
As hate knocks me to the floor
Glazed eyes gazing down in apprehension

Glowing in the darkness where I try to breath
Nothing can help me out
I see faces of those I held so close
Buried alive for years
This anger builds within
Filling me with hate

The next time I see your face
You know I wont back down

I will destroy you
The next time you wont get up
So take this knife from me and be honest your weak
You know nothing about me
Your life was built on a lie

Glazed eyes gazing down in apprehension
Where I try to breath

Taken apart
Made to measure
I'm not here to please
Lurking tonight
These faces of those you held close
This life I try to lead
Is just your petty game
I wont be the one

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