Adramelech - Book Of Flesh

Adramelech - Book Of Flesh

The rotting flesh of Tiamat
Cast aside, useless
Cleaved from the bones of world made natural

The parasite that was mankind
Trampled under claws of tfie mindless God awoken from their death sleep

Cold boiling darkness
Now left behind
When he greets the stars
That are finally right

He greets the stars
That are finally right
Covered by the smoke of burning flesh

Heresy of flesh and blood crushed, ground down,
Erased from the face of the earth defaced in a flash of unlight

Cold fire of the ground
Abominations of the sky in their carnivorous covenant spare not man nor his feeble Gods

New ways to shout and kill
Ways to revel and enjoy teachings of the ancients call forth the fires from the sky

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