AbomInant - Tommorows End

In this perilous nation
we struggle to live
And fight for what is ours
But the time is to late
There's no one to save you now
In darkness I hold the flame of hope
A guiding light for those who will follow
The world of life is treacherous
The sorrow you feel
Is tearing your heart apart
The pain you suffer is merciless
The dark lords prey
Upon your weakness now
We pray for God to give us the final answer
And for the words we spoke go unheard
My pain, wishing that I was dead
For this life is dying and soon to end
It's peace what we cry for
looking for tomorrow's end
Lost for words, what can I say
It want the same, so strange
The world is ending, nothing left for me
No use trying
So let it be, the dying world
Forever be, eternally

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