Abney Park - When Darkness Come

Great balls of fire are rolling towards the sky
You know they're burning off the methane of those who have died
You got ten percent population living on the streets
And picking through the garbage cans for something to eat

I know the problem here
It stares us in the face
I see it all too clear
Too large a human race
And when the darkness comes,
And day is pushed aside
The pandemonium,
You know it's genocide

Eating up our ecosphere to try to survive
And now we're eating up each other to just stay alive
Before long all our bodies will fill all the earth's face
Consequence and solution: the end of our race

Chorus (2x)

Tearing down the forests despite blood and gore
Digging at the crust and siphoning earth's core
Laughing at the collision of technology and man
While killing off those who have been forced to be fed from our hand

Chorus (2x)

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