Abigor - Opus IV

1. Crimson Horizons And Ashen Stars

Spectral planes before my eyes
Ambivalent glowing with my inner pandemonium
Crimson horizons merge into ashen skies
Ascending bleakness but not clourless
I stride ahead...
Light-absorbing signs appears above me
Symbols to guide me, symbols to brace me
Impressed by those views which I always foresaw
Hearing the silent resonance of everlastingness
A cosmos that never began and will never pale
So do I...
Time and space like warmth and coldness
All earthly concepts left behind
Harmonious evil beyond faintness fills this world
My senses are adapted, obtuse they were
I have spiritualized the flame of Satan
So those eternal impressions are wages
For every life destroyed in a fake outstripped reality
Obscure are the ways of death
And veiled are mine...
Secrets and treasures can be bared in a place called...hell
The relevance of mortality descends after this revelation
And I have banned all christian mortality
One day I enter my morbid world
And stalk an endless paths
Where crimson horizons merge into ashen skies

2. Eerie Constellation

As the wan moon - the 6th of the hidden
Takes his position
My body trembles in blasphemic delight
Obsessed I awaited this day
As the planets arrive
And unveil the powers of ages for me
...Surrounded by a beam of light
The seven stars burn in line
I chant the first words of wisdom
And the earth is covered in deepest blackness
Mankind falls into chaos
Everything returns to it`s origins
I use a wand of silver
To draw the lines in the air
I use a wand of gold
To reign in blood and fire
For this is the time to channel my forces
To purify the surface of my planet
All celestial bodies form an almighty sign
Eerie constellation is a beginning
Eerie constellation is an end

3. Mirages For The Eyes Of The Blind

The light I see is none...
It doesn`t shine, doesn`t murder the dark
Was not created by the white one
Not existing for your undimensional eyes
The black I see in none...
Not a shattering, but a creating one
A spectrum of unreal colours
And a thrust for your numb existence
You are alive, I am not
You are dead, I`ll never be
My face is an earthly mask I never asked for
So I`ll leave it behind and will never return
Longing for worlds which my astral mind has seen
Here I stand, flesh and blood
Laughing and crying, betraying the earth
But have you really even thought this shell is me ?
As your reality crashes into the void
I sit beside Satan and watch you die

4. A Breath From Worlds Beyond

We are the ones in the mist
Are the darkness breed
We pity the one with the horns
And gaze at the hypnotizing starfire
Without words we communicate
Without battles we dominate
Wings for the wind, bones from the woods
One with nature, never alone
Our origin is unknown
Destination never shown
We never serve and never reign
Sacrifices for the stars, swords for the moon
Thorns and stones for your believes...
A cosmos with one colour but thousand shades
Universe of triumphant souls
For you not to feel, not to see
Your water is no blood
Your music no magick
Search beyond the stars
Nevertheless you can`t find us
Our world does not exist
And we never lived

5. The Elder God (My Dragon Magic)

I am thine inmost self
I gaze out upon thy world of coloured lights from the darkness
The darkness behind thine eyes
I am the most ancient one, the creator of the gods
I am the changing and the changless one
I am the source of all that is
In what thou called dreams, I gather my forces
In what thou called reality, I stage my dreams
I am the true god, the only god which is
My dragon magic is sweet, for I will never grant thee thy wishes...
I drink the life essence of those who exist only to serve my will
Your dreams are my life, the bridge between the
Transcendental metamorphosis take place
As certain as the night follows the day
Your mortal human avoidance of "hurt feelings" will cause you to feel -
The pain of death
Realize that the powers of the dreams are five, dimensions unseen...
Astral reflections have immortalized me once, in a time before time
Join those who`ve risen, bnU rEb kU cAn A, Hekal Tiamat!
What follows is the breaking of the seventh seal
The final harvest is close, see the banner of the winged skull of UR
The gates of the greatest power shall be flung open -
To the farthest reaches of all possible universe...
Your world will be swept up with the agony of billions
I am the undead who`ve risen, but time grows short for me
I am patient `cause I am eternal
I am an elder god, the vampirelord - bow down before me

6. Dimensions Of Thy Unforgiven Sins (Part I)

Founding myself on a heath of light...
A great white tower before my eyes
Voices of sorrow, never heared nor beheld
I`m trapped - beyond my dark sky
And the glaring light burns my eyes
All colours look like sunlight`s swords
The dimly light seems to be lost...
I`m gazing through this window,
Without moving as if I had been there forever
The horizont of dreams...
I see a black raven flying - somewhere someone`s dying
But all the moon revealed again and leaped my forces back to life
Now I feel harmony... showered by the moonlight...
My mocking laughter rang out to be resounded in the circle of time
And I rode back like the wind - into my beloved realm
And i leave thy heaven... forever...
My black cloack flew like wings behind me,
As I fly through the freezing fire
And the cries of falling souls encruage me
But the dreamworld will open it`s gates again...

7. Dimensions Of Thy Unforgiven Sins (Part II)

Soon I`ll reach towards your soul from the grave
And not to hand my heart on you
Because I am not the shade you`re waiting for
My wings stir the moonlit dust of the place in which the past is buried
In this forest of wolves which is my home
Some things lighten nightfall... feel my presence...
Hurry up and hide you from your desire - you godforsaken whore!
What luck are you waiting for ?
Your sins will never be forgotten!
The swiftness of time is a joke for me,
And I still feel the taste of your flesh on my lips
As it was in the beginning, it`s now, and ever shall be...
Oh beloved blood
I am thy bitterness, I am immortal... and hunting eternally...

8. Spektrale Schattenlichter

Schmerz ist das Wissen...
Der am meisten weih,
Der fiihlt am tiefsten die schreckliche Wahrheit,
Dah der Baum der Erkenntnis nicht ist -
Der Baum des Lebens...
Mein Schmerz des Seins...
Der die Unsterblichkeit erahut -
Und den Gott der "All-Einheit" verhähut...
Ich leide, rase!
Aber in thronender Weisheit, unseliger Ruh,
Herrsche ich immer...
Und fehle nimmer...
In ehrener Rüstung mit jenes Gedanken Wehr,
Der deimen Himmel den Blitz entrang
Der nachging der Sphären Gang...
Der durch Spektrale Schattenlichter,
Dein Geheimins erzwang...
Woran sie nur glauben...
Sei`s, dak sie Welten in der Sonne eutzünden.
Oder sei`s, dak sie den Leib im Grabe bewegen.
Nicht`s wird geschehen, woran sie glauben...
The taste of tears is bitter -
But the taste of revenge is sweet...
Thy flesh is weak -
But I am not from this time
Just like the wind...
Gazed upon future dimensions -
Through the spectral shadowlights...
The portal of my fate appears... soon...

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