Abhorrance - Dead Flowers For A Beauty School Dropout

Needles and pins pierce my heart with their rusty spears
Like my heart being scooped out and placed on a platter
Set as this disgusting sight beating before your ever flaming eyes

Looks can kill

Every glimpse from you tears my heart a little more
Leaving a hole in my chest, for me to cave in to
The blood staining your teeth white
Posing as your sweet tasting lipstick

Stapled emotions to this mattress
My mouth is dry and duct taped shut
But the words are stamped on my forehead
Crawl into my pores and make yourself comfortable
Feel what I'm like on the inside
An insect crawls in the desert

Slept fourteen hours
Eyes are burning
Like holes in me draining life fluid

Lighthouse lights easily attract you
That kind of intensity shall only burn you
This dim candle light would be more soothing
But the dark glow only hurts your pretty eyes
Just close your eyes and just feel my warmth

My heart is empty
Torn open and bled dry
Safety pins
Hold me together

Staring at the stars
All alone
Lying here dreaming and set on fire

Outside of everything untouched by your,
Your little world
Sick, I'm sick
My heart is empty

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