Abdoujaparov - There S Nobody Less Rock N Roll Than Me

There`s nobody less rock `n` roll than me
I can`t get drunk, I can`t do drugs
I`ve got no street credibilit y
I`m a telly tubby, a tubby teddy
When my centre spread is loved and fed
I`m comletely happy

Call the police, I feel I`ve been fleeced
I can`t get liad, I can`t do raves
I`m all respectability
I`m a trifle pathetic and I`m not very brave
For the sake of health, I shit myself
and run the other way

But there`s a place where I can go
To get off my face when I feel low
A hell shaped room without a view
Whefre I can be when I`m with you
There`s a place thats in my bed
Its in my heart and in my head
Theres a way for me to go
When I`m feeling rock `n` roll.......rock and roll

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