ABC - What`s Good About Goodbye?


Every face in the street, everyone that I meet
I think it`s you in disguise
I hear sweet angels sing, life`s a radiant thing
I`m bewitched and tantalized, yeah

What`s good about goodbye?
No one ever told me
What`s good about goodbye?
Wish you could hold me
Nothing fair about fairwell
Nothing fair at all
What`s good about goodbye?
Nothing at all

I`d be fooling myself, chasing anyone else
It`s you that I prize
Why praise to heaven above, why praising God for sweet love?
When it`s you I idolize


What`s good, What`s good
What`s good about goodbye?
What`s good, What`s good
I feel bad about good goodbye

No truth in the rumour that parting is sweet
You lose your sense of humour, you feel incomplete
There`s heaven in hello, hell in goodbye
Now that you`re leaving, I`d rather die



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